Bilingual Speech & Language Therapy

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Speech and language disorders are those that affect how we communicate. Whether producing certain sounds incorrectly, having difficulty understanding the language given or difficulty producing age appropriate vocabulary, grammar and more; speech-language therapy assesses, diagnoses and treats these areas. 

​Here at Apollo Bilingual Speech-Language Therapy our mission is to treat our communication needs holistically focusing on a team approach (patient, therapist and caregivers) to create a flourishing environment for our patients.

Speech & Language Therapy

In our concierge style practice, our main specialty is bilingualism and how it interacts with the different speech and language disorders. An individual who is a Spanish and English speaker will require a trained eye to determine if their style of communication is a difference based on interactions of both languages or a true speech and language disorder. 


Tethered Oral Tissues

Pragmatic Language


Speech Sound Disorders

Early Intervention


We create a plan of care with the family for individualized therapy sessions that focuses on patients' needs. Sessions are completed in the patient’s home. Parent education and home education programs are provided during our sessions.

Our parent coaching sessions aim to educate parents on how to promote speech and language during daily routines and play with their children. We provide strategies to the whole family in order to purposefully engage in a communication filled activity. 

Parent Coaching

Free 30 minute consultation over the phone to determine the child's needs and future steps to follow. 

Evaluations are completed using various assessment methods and protocols during a play based activity, observations along with family input. 

Speech & Language Evaluations




Michelle Gonzalez is a bilingual Mexican-American and Texas native, who grew up in the border city of El Paso, Texas until establishing herself in the Houston area after earning her Masters degree from Our Lady of the Lake University in Communication Disorders. 

Throughout her academic, professional and personal life, Michelle has nine years of experience working with both adults and children (monolingual and bilingual ) where her primary objective is to provide her patients with the tools necessary for them to accomplish their individual goals and aspirations. She understands that no matter the demographic she is assisting, the goal is to improve her patients’ quality of life through improved communication.

When she is not treating patients, Michelle enjoys painting, dancing, and spending time with the one person that has inspired her practice, her son Apollo.

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