Michelle is a bilingual Mexican-American and Texas native, who grew up in the border city of El Paso, Texas until establishing herself in the Houston area after earning her Masters degree. Michelle attended The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), where she worked towards a Linguistics degree with a focus on Communication Disorders and a minor in Spanish. Upon earning her undergraduate degrees, Michelle moved to the river walk city of San Antonio, Texas, and embarked on her graduate studies at Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU). During her graduate studies, she completed additional coursework that earned her a bilingual certification in Communication Disorders. 

 Throughout her academic, professional and personal life, Michelle has nine years of experience working with both adults and children (monolingual and bilingual ) where her primary objective is to provide her patients with the tools necessary for them to accomplish their individual goals and aspirations. She understands that no matter the demographic she is assisting, the goal is to improve her patients’ quality of life through improved communication.

Meet your Therapist

As part of her past experience, Michelle worked with patients that suffered brain injuries and strokes and helped rehabilitate their cognition and communication skills. Currently, Michelle works with children who experience articulation and language disorders, are non-verbal and/or in the autism spectrum. She has helped improve their communication, and ultimately, support their educational needs. Michelle’s experience and knowledge has allowed her to form a better understanding of her patients’ needs that go beyond a hospital or school setting. This understanding has allowed Michelle’s patients to develop a generalization of skills in their everyday lives.
Michelle’s treatment method includes evidence-based practices and a patient-centered approach in which the patient, caregiver and her expertise create a plan of care that is individualized and specific to every patient’s needs. Michelle’s ability to build a strong, meaningful and caring rapport with her patients sets her apart from other speech-language pathologists.
When she is not treating patients, Michelle enjoys painting, dancing, and spending time with the one person that has inspired her practice, her son Apollo.